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New Year Picture 6

January 28, 2014

Image 6 - LibraryNo 6 in a series of 9 from our New Year Postcard

We have recently completed an extension to St Margaret’s school to allow the establishment of a proper space for the library to thrive.  The work includes extended IT space and is modelled specifically for the young children who will use the facility.  The window reading booth and low level slit windows are all carefully proportioned for the younger clients.

The timber frame construction allowed completion in a matter of months with minimal disruption to the school. The scheme involved the reintroduction of the external play space and realigning of the landscape to ensure that the new library sat carefully and respectfully within the school environment.

The design also incorporated furniture design to create a carefully tailored library for this young age group.  The playful design of the shelving and strong colours invigorate the space and create an atmosphere designed to engage and encourage the pupils.  This is the latest in a series of NVB projects which have had a significant furniture element to them.  We see the seamless integration of furniture and fittings with the architectural fabric as an important component in maximising the potential of a building.

St Mary's Purton 299 lo res














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Social Science Entrance 185 lo res







































New Year Picture 5

January 27, 2014

Image 5 - The CentreNo 5 in a series of 9 from our New Year Postcard

The conversion of a 1970s Gym into a new performance venue for St Helen’s School has just been completed.  The existing hall has been transformed into a flexible space complete with retractable seating, stage drapes and side tabs and state of the art performance lights, sound and IT all controlled from a new central control room.

The space also includes a brand new café with mezzanine floor and a new recording suite with control room and studio to further enhance the school’s facilities.  The refurbishment of the existing building has brought an underused facility into the 21st century and made it the focal point for performance and seminars as well as a café facility that the sixth form can call their own.

From an old gym to new performance studio, NVB are delighted to have had a part in breathing new life into this building.  See more details here.

The Centre Post



New Year Picture 4

January 24, 2014

Image 4 - DCPSNo 4 in a series of 9 from our New Year Postcard

Dean Close Prep School moved into their new building in the Autumn.  NVB are delighted to have been involved with the creation of this state of the art teaching facility.  We enjoyed the challenge of creating a building fit for the twenty first century but which also sits happily in a Cheltenham Conservation area and retains a link to the school’s historic identity.

You can see some preliminary photographs here.

New Year Picture 3

January 23, 2014

Image 3 - Rook Lane No 3 in a series of 9: 2014 – New Beginnings

After a hectic year, the staff of NVB and Rook Lane celebrated Christmas in style with a candle lit dinner in the chapel. 2014 is set to be one of the best years yet for Rook Lane. The programme at the chapel is now managed by NVB Architects, with Rook Lane Arts Trust retaining a base at the chapel to continue their charitable activities.  The venue is now known simply as “Rook Lane”, and 2014 will see the start of an ambitious new programme, incorporating contemporary visual arts, architecture events and exhibitions, and education and outreach programmes.  This will run alongside the usual programme of music, performance and community events. The chapel is also now available for private hire – and continues to be a popular venue for wedding ceremonies, elegant banquets and parties.

The arts programme for the New Year has kicked off with a sell-out run of classical concerts, and will continue in February with Free the Words, an exhibition about recent adventures in outdoor literacy with school groups.  There is also new series of Architecture Club talks, featuring Ed Hollis, Hugh Broughton and Tom Dykhoff, plus some rather interesting visual arts on the horizon for this summer.

We’re looking forward to 2014 – why not come and join us…?


New Year Picture 2

January 22, 2014

Image 2 - HengistburyNo 2 in a series of 9 from our New Year Postcard

The soft opening of the new Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre took place just before Christmas.  The project combines an existing thatched barn with a new straw bale walled extension to create a new centre for the many and diverse people who visit Hengistbury Head.  During January the shop is being fitted out ready for a spring permanent opening.  Go and visit.  It is a beautiful place.

For more details of the project click here.




New Year Picture 1

January 21, 2014

Image 1 - TCS LlandaffNo 1 in a series of 9 from our New Year Postcard

The Infants and Nursery Department of The Cathedral School, Llandaff moved into their new home.  Click here for details

We look forward to completing the next exciting project at The Cathedral School in 2014, with a new classroom building which completes the school’s expansion to provide a new 6th Form.





New Year New Postcard

January 20, 2014

NVB New Year 2014 PostcardOur New Year postcard has just been sent out giving a small glimpse of 2014 at NVB.

For the next nine days we will be posting one of the pictures on the front, with a little story explaining what it is all about.

We have quite a lot of interesting things on the go which our postcard only hints at. So please come back and visit us (for at least the next nine days).


Sir Ben Ainslie opens new sports centre

October 24, 2013

Sir Ben Ainslie took questions from pupils at Truro School at the official opening of the new “Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre” yesterday. The whole school (over 1000 pupils including the Prep and Pre-Prep school)  staff, govenors and guests gathered in the new 8 court hall for the unvieling of the plaque commemorating the day. The Headmaster congratulated all those that helped deliver the new facility “On time and on budget”. We hope to have pictures of all the facilities on the site as soon as possible. (Squash, changing rooms, classrooms, dance studio, fitness suite etc.)IMG_0987

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