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New Year Picture 6

January 28, 2014

Image 6 - LibraryNo 6 in a series of 9 from our New Year Postcard

We have recently completed an extension to St Margaret’s school to allow the establishment of a proper space for the library to thrive.  The work includes extended IT space and is modelled specifically for the young children who will use the facility.  The window reading booth and low level slit windows are all carefully proportioned for the younger clients.

The timber frame construction allowed completion in a matter of months with minimal disruption to the school. The scheme involved the reintroduction of the external play space and realigning of the landscape to ensure that the new library sat carefully and respectfully within the school environment.

The design also incorporated furniture design to create a carefully tailored library for this young age group.  The playful design of the shelving and strong colours invigorate the space and create an atmosphere designed to engage and encourage the pupils.  This is the latest in a series of NVB projects which have had a significant furniture element to them.  We see the seamless integration of furniture and fittings with the architectural fabric as an important component in maximising the potential of a building.

St Mary's Purton 299 lo res














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Social Science Entrance 185 lo res







































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