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A Busy Summer at Epsom College

October 18, 2018

Another busy summer at Epsom College saw the latest phase of refurbishment works completed for Robinson, Whitehouse, Fayrer and Murrell boarding houses as well as the creation of a new car park within the campus.

Having four contractors working around the campus during the 8 week summer holiday meant that things were certainly busy!

With the careful coordination and investigations undertaken during the previous half term, the contractors were able to make the best use of the short summer period.

Demolition, complete services renewal and remodelling of the boarding accommodation as well as complete redecoration and new furniture installation meant that it certainly needed to be well co-ordinated.

All the properties were handed back to the Client in time for the new academic year and the boarders return at the beginning of September.

Another successful summer allows the design team and contractors to look forward to the next phase works for our client.


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