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Testing, Testing

April 8, 2020

Anyone who says it’s business as usual is lying, but we are adapting well. There is a temptation to hunker down and just deal with the items that are on your desk already, but some of our clients have decided that this is a great opportunity to make progress on feasibility and viability studies in a range of sectors.

We admire that attitude. Make use of the time to focus.

If your organisation has something in mind, we can initiate new projects without having to wait for the current turmoil to subside. That way, when something more like normal service resumes, you will be in a great position to move forward.

A business continuity plan has a nicely ordered sound to it, but the real test is in the implementation. We have been very pleasantly surprised by how well the office has been functioning with remote working. We have our bandwidth-heavy BIM models working very smoothly via a VPN link to our servers. Communication and virtual meetings are working well. Planning applications are still going in. We have even hosted a stakeholder engagement workshop.

These are not normal times, but they can be highly productive times. We can help you use this time to think strategically about your projects.

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