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Wootton Bassett Infants’ School Landscape

Wootton Bassett Infants’ School Landscape

Classroom and landscape redevelopment. | Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire

  • Contract Type: Design and Build
  • Cost: ££1.5 million
  • Client: Wiltshire Council
  • Completed: November, 2019
  • Main Contractor: Bray & Slaughter

Wiltshire Council needed to replace life-expired temporary buildings on an existing infant school site. The development is split into two parts with teaching provision located in a new block adjacent to the main road, and a new library building located in a treehouse-type structure intended to make reading a fun experience.

The landscape design makes use of the sloping site and reorganisation of buildings to maximise space for play and learning. The site has been terraced to create a playing field and playground focused on sport and play with existing playgrounds at the top of the site. The level changes between the terraces have become opportunities for play and planting. An amphitheatre that includes a slide runs underneath the tree-house library. Naturalistic planting covers other sloping areas to create drama travelling over the bridges and steps as well as habitat and learning opportunities.

We've had fantastic feedback, including this from Mark Hazzard, the Head Teacher:

“The staff, children, parents and visitors love our school building. The teachers love the big classrooms with no difficult and messy corridors and the children love the grounds, using the bank, the stairs and the slide constantly.
The tree top walkways and the tree house library are brilliant additions. I still like standing at the bottom of the playground and looking up!”

Photos: Tom Glendinning Photography