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June 27, 2013

Value management is a set of tools and techniques that enable the procurement and design team to understand the true functionality and objectives of any particular project under consideration.

The main benefit of value management is to bring together an often wide and varied group of stakeholders, and achieve agreement about the course of action and the outcomes to be achieved.  The process brings together all the stakeholders which may include governors, senior management team, teaching staff, pupils, support staff and facilities management staff, and puts them in direct contact with the project management and design teams.  Everyone has the opportunity to express themselves and the discussions inevitably cover strategic and tactical issues.

This is done by creating a value tree within an open workshop environment. The tree illustrates the whole team’s view of the project drivers and influences.  The goal of this process is to determine the raison d’être for the project as a whole, and the primary and secondary drivers and functions by which this mission statement will be achieved.  It is generally possible to rank the drivers or functions and through this process produce a prioritised value tree which enables evaluation of options.

Within the context of an educational environment the process can be used at different levels. From a strategic point of view it can look at the whole estate and explore master plan issues creating a value tree used to prioritise different projects. From a tactical point of view it can be focused to determine the scope and objectives for an individual project.

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